I believe in my humble opinion, the word you are looking for is Chauvinism. He was a chauvinist, in his mind you as a female are a second class citizen. And next to the obvious superiority of the male example that was standing there, you never stood a chance.
My guess would also be, he has “mommy” issues, still lives in his parents basement, and hasn’t had a viable date since 1988.

A Confederacy of Spinsters


Yesterday something happened. Something weird. Something that left me befuddled. What was this bizarre and perplexing occurrence? Well, that’s what I need your help in figuring out, because I think it may have been some sexism….but I’m not entirely sure.

Picture it: A very busy restaurant at lunchtime. I’m trying to fill up my cup with unsweet iced tea (my favorite) but the drip is running awfully slow and there is a line starting behind me. An employee of the restaurant comes over, asks me to move aside, and then tilts the tea maker so the flow of tea is heavier….then, this employee (a man) says “Sir, if you bring your cup over here I can fill it for you.”  Cue confusion on my part. At first, I thought he was talking to me, after all, I was the first in the tea line trying to fill my cup, but then…

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