Its the age of…..

I am feeling a little low and I don’t know the reason? I have been pondering many things lately during my down time. Work, money, the kids and our life here on the ranch. But I keep coming back to one thing that is unsettling to me and I am not sure why? I have never had a problem before, but it just seems to be popping up constantly in my thoughts. I find myself wondering if anyone else has this same problem? Does it affect them in ridiculously stupid ways? I need to quit wasting time and energy on this particular problem because there is really nothing I can do about it. But yet time is a wasting…

Its my age…. I know stupid huh?

Oh I talk a good game when people give me a hard time about how old I am, I laugh it off and joke around because that’s what we do to protect ourselves. And really I do enjoy joking about it, because in the grand scheme of things I am not that old. (45) So what I don’t understand is why it’s bothering me so much lately. I am slowly, finally getting to where I want to be in life. My kids are old enough to be expressive, wonderful little humans that have interesting conversations and partake in a myriad of activities that showcase their ever evolving skills. My career is not where I had hoped it would be, but there is nothing I can do about it, the economy squelched all my hopes and dreams for advancement before I hit retirement age. (I hope I am wrong but that’s the way it looks right now) I could test out and go to another city, but that’s not who I am, I love my city, I love the people I work for (citizens of my town), I am invested in the community and this job really does define me as a person. I have put 17 years into this profession, at this location and leaving (morally speaking) really isn’t an option. I live in a great location with plenty of space for my children to play and grow. The grandparents built a house next door so the kids can see them anytime. My overhead is fairly low, I mean we have gigantic bills just like the next guy, but I have been lucky enough to keep a handle on the spending during these trying financial times. I ‘m in pretty good shape too. I run three to four times a week depending on my schedule and I am in the gym every morning at work! So my health and or physical fitness is not a concern for me what so ever. I also have plenty of down time where I head off and work horses most days off. It really helps take my mind off all the pressures of our busy schedule and life in general. Nothing makes you feel more alive than riding a true work horse. Plus the time spent taking care of them is very emotionally stabilizing.

So why? Why when I look at all these factors do I not focus more on the good? Why do I keep focusing on my age? Anyone? Anyone?

It starts like this, I am lying in bed blocking out the day with a little mind numbing TV. I start thinking about crazy things associated with my age. Such as, I have struggled my whole life to grow a mustache. I always thought a mustache would look pretty cool. Well now that I am 45 I can finally grow a mustache! Does it matter? No! Because apparently the hair used to grow the mustache came from my thinning hairline! And speaking about hair, it seems the ears are a hair follicles paradise! When I go bald maybe I will let the hair from my left ear grow long and use it in the comb over! (We all know someone like that, yuck!) Remember when it was “cool” to have a hairy chest? (70’s)Well I remained hairless during that era, but now I have a full-blown carpet covering the man canvas! To little to late! What the Hell! My feet hurt, my arms hurt my back hurts and my skin is starting to look like a lizard! I use moisturizer daily! God, someone take away my freaking man card, please!!

Then I start pondering the inevitable timeline. My oldest will be headed to college in two years, that leads me into thinking about how old I will be when the next in line goes to college, which inevitably leads me to thinking about how old I will be when the last one goes to college. Then I go “holy shit” I am going to be one foot in the grave! That landslides into an overwhelming panic that I am nowhere near accomplishing any of the things I have wanted to do with my life! Before I can break into a full-blown panic attack, I usually get up and go make myself some camomile tea. That’s when I end up screaming ” son of bitch, I am old, its 9 pm I’m already in bed and now I am drinking camomile tea”!!

After a glass of Metamucil, some Centrum Silver and 2 baby aspirin for my heart health. I usually calm down around the time I slide into my “no slip” upright tub and take a warm bath. Seriously, one minute you are thirty and you have the world by the short hairs! The next you are a panicked blubbering mess worrying about the future of four kids, your wife and whether or not the batteries on your “life alert” will still be charged when you actually need it. What? What did you just say? Here let me put my hearing aids back in, and my glasses back on, I don’t want to miss your comments….

So there it is. Its upsetting and I don’t know why. I can’t let it go. Am I crazy? Am I going crazy? Should I just shut up and realize this is all normal? Anyways thanks for understanding, I am going to put my Snuggie on and call it a day.

Oh and just in case you were wondering, I know exactly how I want to leave this earth.

I have always envisioned myself going out like the late, great, George Burns. 100 years 49 days old, a glass of excellent scotch in one hand and cigar in the other. Last words to cross my lips will be a quote remembered for generations to come.

One of my favorite George Burns quotes of which there are many;

First you forget names, then you forget faces. Next you forget to pull your zipper up and finally, you forget to pull it down.

Say goodnight Gracie…..