I hate lunchtime advertising

I hate the way trade school commercials target the “lazy unemployed male” with catch phrases like “my wife is so proud of me” and “my kids look up to me now that I have a job” or my favorite ” now that I have an education from XYZ University I am finally making the money I deserve. What message does this send? What are we telling our kids? When I am home four days in a row spending time and taking care of my children am I that much less of a man because I am home and not making a difference in my education? Am I a failure because I have chosen my path and am completely content in my career, pay and ability to be with my family? Time that you can never get back? I am really tired of advertising portraying the male in the house as either unimportant in the family dynamic or a complete moron that can’t do anything right, and when he fails mom and kids disparage him as an idiot. Our children need to be raised to believe that they can achieve greatness in all aspects of the family. That once a family is formed responsibilities are shared equally in the house. That as a family we are a working functioning unit that needs to mesh together like a well oiled set of gears. Does it always work flawlessly? No. But I definitely don’t need any help from TV land. Just bitchin I guess….

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