The Pen

Cleaning up the kitchen today I found a pen. Now this is no ordinary pen as my wife has affixed an ornate fake flower to its base. She got this idea I am sure from the multiple doctors/dentist/school offices we have been to in our lives where the pens are decorated to keep the patrons from walking away with them. We have four of these pens but this one pen in particular has been troubling me this morning. You see I keep finding it in the same spot, I pick it up and carefully put it back with its fellow flowers only to have it returned to the very same spot not more than a few minutes later. After the third time I am sure the pen has grown legs and is dragging itself over to this spot to relish in the sunlight shining through the window. So with a curious look and a quivering hand I place the “flower” back in its base one more time, ducking around the corner hoping to catch it in its travels. Now I know there is no way the flower/pen is moving on its own, yet the little boy in me wants to see it look around, crawl out and lay down in the sunlight with a relaxing heavy sigh..
I wait..
And wait…..
And wait……….
I give up.
Walking up the stairs I catch my wife telling our middle son: “if you are going to use something put it back” and “that pen doesn’t belong there, it’s no wonder the house is a mess when you guys just drop stuff when you’re done with it and expect someone else to put it away”!
Mystery solved, fantasy crushed, the pen is just a pen and our kids are normal little mess making machines. (heavy sigh)..


Some days life just falls into place like a perfect puzzle. Every piece you pick up locks into the next. That was today. We started the day with places to go And things to do. But by the end of the day it had all fallen into a perfect symphony of music, everyone’s needs were met and all of my children had fun and appreciated the time they had spent with their family.
I am in a perfect bliss right now. Going to bed before I wake up and realize it was all a dream….