The Rain

Rain and kids, two thing that are a contradiction to each other. Kids love to play in it and hate to be in it all at the same time. As parents we love to watch the rain, I personally enjoy watching kids play in the rain, but hate the ensuing war that preceeds entry back into the home.
Luckily this morning went swimmingly. The kids all behaved, there was no mess from multiple exits and entries back into the home and everyone loaded up for school without any major incidents. It is truly a Christmas miracle! Of course what I failed to mention is that I SLEPT THROUGH THE WHOLE THING!!! Yep thats right my I slept through it all! Well I awoke a few times and listened to the exchange of ideas, misconceptions and demands between my wife and the kids. But it all sounded great. My wonderful wife got up early this morning and handled the whole show so I could catch some extra ZZZZZZZZ’s. It was splendid. I also came downstairs to a clean sink, no clothes strewn about and the laundry was in full swing! With a smile on my face I grabbed the coffee pot (yes she even made coffee and left half a pot) filled up my favorite cup, turned around to survey my lazy ass domain to find my teenage son staring at me! Crap! I had forgotten about this one! He needs to be taken into school late this morning, he is on FINALS schedule. Oh well all cant be perfect my little world. So off I go before his hormones get impatient and we end arguing about delivery time.

The Day is done

Kids are asleep, wife is out cold and I am left with my thoughts. Another night of playing “whack a mole” with the kids has left me exhausted. Whack a mole is when every time you think they are all in bed, another one pops up with a need. You get that one handled and back in bed at just at that moment another one pops up with a need. Before long you are pulling your hair out and cussing under your breath.
My parents used to say “I hope you have ten kids just like yourself” What a horrible thing to say! Apparently I was the spawn of the devil to harshly command such a response! Yet somehow right at his very moment it seems fitting. I have not uttered those words to my own children but as sure as the sun rises, it will come up.
One last load of laundry and my ass is off to bed as well…. Goodnight..