The Day is done

Kids are asleep, wife is out cold and I am left with my thoughts. Another night of playing “whack a mole” with the kids has left me exhausted. Whack a mole is when every time you think they are all in bed, another one pops up with a need. You get that one handled and back in bed at just at that moment another one pops up with a need. Before long you are pulling your hair out and cussing under your breath.
My parents used to say “I hope you have ten kids just like yourself” What a horrible thing to say! Apparently I was the spawn of the devil to harshly command such a response! Yet somehow right at his very moment it seems fitting. I have not uttered those words to my own children but as sure as the sun rises, it will come up.
One last load of laundry and my ass is off to bed as well…. Goodnight..

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