Dads work is never done

Sooooo finished the laundry only to find my daughter has been hiding more food in her room. She has an issue with sneaking food in the middle of the nigh and although she gets plenty to eat during the day and we have put a plate out with items on them she can have at night so she doesnt have to feel like she is sneaking, she is still doing it anyway. Dont know what to do next. Dont want to her to feel bad about herself but also dont like her sneaking..

Morning Blues

So another morning of controlled chaos. Somedays it doesnt matter how hard you try no one can seem to get out of the house on time. The alarms were set, the coffee was brewing and yet we sleep through the alarms, cant smell the coffee and the only thing that lets us know we are late in getting up is the dogs whining to go outside!
Now getting four kids out of bed can somedays feel like herding chickens. My wife and I run around with our arms flapping trying to shoo them from one corner to the next, (eat some breakfast, brush your teeth, do your hair) but its all in vane. The minute you turn your back you find one is missing and three are fighting over the same piece of bathroom real estate. I think the middle child should be a real estate attorney for his arguments are by far the strongest and he really can sell it! Then as they are running out the door you realize one is just missing! Missing! This one peeled off in all the commotion and has decided that now is the time to play legos in his room upstairs! Are you freaking kidding me!
I holler upstairs loudly; I call this the “sense of urgency” yell, its a tone that most of my kids can pick up on when we are running late. Notice I said MOST, the youngest cant seem to pick up that tone of voice, he prefers to consider it a sign to get the heck away from everyone and go do his own thing. Dont get me wrong, when I find him he isnt scared or intimidated, he is happy as a clam and just cant seem to understand why now isnt the perfect time to play lego’s. After successfully herding them out the door with the obligatory “have good day, love you” I finally find myself alone. As I slowly sip a cup of coffee, I gaze upon the destruction left behind from the morning shuffle, with my shoulders slumped I tell my wife to have a great day, and my “rainman” brain takes over as I cant just pass a mess and let it go, but instead take up the daunting task of cleaning up after 5 other people.


I know, I know, I hear it all the time. You do laundry? Apparently men are not supposed to do laundry! It is a taboo, just watch any laundry detergent commercial and you will see that men are dumb and cant even figure out the complex settings of a washing machine. Thats right I can program the computer in my 60,000 car, I can set up the DTV on my own, I can manipulate the computer and make my I-phone do all kinds of killer stuff, but when it comes to the washing machine an archaic voice come from the belly and says “me man (insert chest thump here) man cant wash clothes, clothes womans work”! Then I fumble about pushing erratically on the panel trying to make it do nothing or something, who knows because I am a man and men cant do laundry.

Well surprise we can and do! We do it all the time, in fact I rather enjoy doing the laundry and heres why. No one to blame but me if a piece of clothing gets messed up! Also it teaches my three sons that you dont need someone to take of yourself. How many times have we heard our mothers say; you better marry a good woman who will take of you” bullcrap! Marry a good woman because she is your friend and an equal in your relationship.

Anyway back to where I was going in the first place! So I go downstairs to do laundry only to find that apparently the basket that I have so carefully placed beneath the door of the dryer to catch the laundry on the way out has been moved and the next (i am assuming) child has decided the floor is a great place to dump all the clean laundry! AAARRRRRGGGG! Why, is it so hard to grab another basket and place the laundry where it belongs??? Its not rocket science people!!!!

Ok that was my bitch, back to the dungeon for some more clean underwear bonding time…