My Words of Wisdom for the Day

If you were to die tomorrow could you say you lived a life to be proud of?

I thought about this quite a bit on the way home from the firehouse this morning.

There is no right or wrong answer, either yes or no. If yes, fantastic! If you are comfortable with no then great!
If by saying no it makes you ponder, then (and this is just a suggestion) maybe it’s time to sit down, re-evaluate where you are headed and create a change that fits your lifestyle.

With my words of wisdom I am always happy to hear from people and how it relates to them. Today I would like everyone who reads this to tell me what they are most proud of in their lives.

Then pass it on! I want to hear from as many people as possible!

It seems to me we live in a world of negativity, sooo….

Maybe just maybe if enough people read this and answer that one simple question, we can awaken our feelings and create a more positive atmosphere in our lives? Just a thought.

Carry on that is all…

My Words of Wisdom for the Day


Those who say you will never amount to anything are really just projecting their own fallacies.  Its bullying through intimidation.  Hold your head high, be proud of who you are and thrive.  Carry on that is all..


My Words of Wisdom for the Day

Actions speak louder than words, unless you’re being screamed at due to your actions. Then it all becomes loud and clear! Just saying…
Carry on that is all….