Grocery store

Grocery shopping is never fun for me, I always end up being hungrier than I thought I was about the time I hit the second isle. Then the “binge” shopping takes over and my cart starts filling up with items that are both not in my budget or heart healthy. Now throw in a couple of children that wanted to come along for the ride and you can see how a simple trip to the store can slowly become a nightmare.
Dad can I have this? Mom can I have that? Why does he get that and I don’t? I’m hungry! I’m thirsty! Is this gonna take forever? Daaaad he’s touching things on the shelf! Did you know with enough effort and technique you can actually drone out the whining and pretend they are someone else’s kids! But in the end they are your kids, so sometimes it’s just nice to have them with you. You can make it a fun experience, turning all that energy into a positive by having one child find items in the isle your shopping and have the other push the cart. Have them look at various items that are similar figure out which item costs less. When it’s all done everyone has ownership of the food that crosses their table. You whip out the debit card and behold, there is no more whining, well at least from the kids.

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