A little stronger one day at a time.

It has been a pleasant last few days.

Jacy is feeling a bit better, although she tires easily and can’t seem to get enough sleep. Jacy has been strong enough to venture out and watch her daughter play softball, take a trip to the store on her own and even drive herself to the doctors on a few occasions. Her cell counts continue to rise and everything looks to be on track for the next phase. It is nice to see my wife with color in her skin and a smile on her face.

Monday we have another bone marrow draw, determining which direction she will go in regards to further treatment. Hysterectomy or another round of chemotherapy, hence another 7-10 days in the hospital. This whole process is slow and steady. We all know slow and steady wins the race so all fingers are crossed.

Many people have come by the house, checking on our family’s wellbeing, while hoping to catch a glimpse of my wife. It still leaves me speechless as to the outpouring of love and compassion shown our family. We are truly blessed and the spirit of goodwill will indeed be paid forward.

Someone asked me the other day why I write so openly and freely about what is happening with our family. This person couldn’t understand how sharing all the private details was beneficial to anyone; that it would embarrass this person to have people, even strangers know everything so intimate about their life. I assured this person I don’t write about everything that is happening as some portions need privacy while other portions are either to disturbing for discussion or provide quite a visual picture. I choose discussing the emotional toll as opposed to citing visual references. For everyone can relate to emotions associated with the human condition when referencing such an event.

Writing has also allowed me to answer everyone’s questions in one simple forum. Instead of answering a hundred phone calls or numerous texts, blogging has given us the freedom to let all we know what is happening and when. It is like a virtual bulletin board for all to see and interact.

Through this process I have found a voice, for you see when you look up Leukemia, its symptoms, research, web pages and blogs, everything revolves around knowledge, diagnosis and the patient. Not many pages dedicated to the family leukemia effects. We have a say, we the family have emotions, fears, questions and nightmares. Yet we are not anywhere near the circle of trust when it comes to answers. When writing my very first page back in 2013, I wrote out of fear. Like a new probationary firefighter walking into his assigned station for the first time, I had a million questions, a huge responsibility, a fear of the unknown and the knowledge that no matter what, I needed to prove myself worthy. Someone depended on me!

In 2014 we survived three chemotherapy sessions, numerous hospital runs, countless emergency room visits, and many long nights holding her hand as all seemed hopeless. Temperatures, allergic reactions, swelling in places you never thought could swell to such an extreme, hives, night sweats, day sweats, the inability to stay awake, the inability to fall asleep, stomach issues, skin issues and so on. Living through sorrow filled moments and walking amongst the clouds as her doctor told us she was in remission.

2015 has brought us right back to square one. Hearing those dreaded words; it (leukemia) is back.

So as I said; I have found a voice. But I have decided it is not a voice for myself, but for anyone else who finds themselves holding their Leukemia ridden significant other or family members hand in the middle of the night. For that person of support who finds themselves alone, the only one standing between the people they love and utter emotional chaos! When faced with so much responsibility, endless reams of information, knowing you need to be strong but don’t know how. I hope and pray that person sees my blog and has the courage to ask me for help. This is a community, Leukemia has a community and even though we don’t carry this cancer we should be doing our best to support one another, so we may be stronger when it comes to supporting those who do carry this cancer! It is just the way I feel.

In my last blog post a woman left me a comment about her 39-year-old husband who’d just been informed he has Leukemia. They have children and her note felt fearful. I hope with all my heart she received my reply. Letting her know I would be here if she needed help. That is what this is all about. Building a bridge of support for all of us “support systems”.

As always I love all of you who continue to show us love and support.

More to come…..

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