Your Story

Your Story. For providing shelter from the wind, foilage from the rain, shade to protect the metal that binds your existence I ask this and only this from you.

Only give to those who ask what is needed, never exert under pressure upon our relationship, stand the test of time as have I. But most of all and this I cannot stress enough. Please continue to be my friend.  For friendships are hard to come by and it looks as though we may both continue to be here for a very long time..

Said the tree to the well pump…..

via Your Story.

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My Words of Wisdom for the Day


Life should be treated like doing your laundry.  Every now and again you muck up something really good.  But instead of throwing it all away you give it (life) a good scrub, then start all over smelling great and looking sparkly clean. Just a thought..

Carry on that is all….