The scary stuff…

The scary stuff hides in plain sight, we try our best to ignore it but in reality the scary stuff is what lets us know we are living.

I am terrified of death. It surrounds me with in your face realism, implication and pure dishonesty. Lying in bed, staring at the ceiling wondering when it will come, how it will come and have I done all I could to let those I care for know just how much they mean to me? Have I spoken a word in haste leaving someone disappointed or was I able for just a moment to make someone’s day?

Do you close your eyes and feel all the world has to offer or do you clench your teeth frustrated by the very movements within your realm? Do you drift away from the sight, sound or smell of another place thankful for having been there or do you grasp tightly to the past angry at what the future holds in store?

I cannot control the panic within, a feeling there is something more and I am running out of time. That I haven’t lived to my full potential, achieved all my dreams, helped all that could use assistance, or been the best human being I could possibly be. My brain runs out of control and there are moments the thought of trying to stop it long enough to grab any form of tangible information to act on is overwhelming.

So the scary stuff creeps in, like a game, toying with my ability to reconcile myself.

I stare at my wife while she sleeps, scared she won’t be there in the morning. Two years of this nightmare have worn away my ability to be realistic about things at times. Watching all she has gone through and yet she still tries to smile, to have a positive attitude, even when she really doesn’t want to anymore. Being at work is an eternity as my subconscious leads me into a room of dirty tricks. How is she? Why won’t she answer the phone? Has she taken her medications? Are the kids helping her? Is she eating enough? Has she walked today? I know she is ok, she has her phone to call me, and my mother is right next door, able to check in at a moments notice. I know the kids are helping and our close friends/family are doing their best, but the scary stuff keeps pushing my insane fears into the light so I may remain bewildered and lost.

Stressed beyond what I ever felt I could handle, my stomach, head and neck hurt all the time. I have ridiculous nightmares always revolving around the loss of someone near me. Last night it was one of the boys in a vehicle accident. The scary stuff lurking in my brain won’t let me gloss over anything in a dream either, its graphic and designed to always leave me terrified upon waking. The scary stuff knows how to leave me down and out through shock value. I am tired… All the time….

What do I do? How do I control it? It feels at times like a giant weight upon my chest. Somedays I can’t breathe and find myself sobbing for no reason at the very stupidest of things. Like an imaginary scary creature hiding under my bed, only I know it’s there, only I can feel its presence, and only I can battle it when it comes out at night to play. It is my burden to bare.

The scary stuff is what tears at your soul, leaving you scarred, hurt, but alive. We all have scary stuff lurking in our brains, without it we would never understand the value in cherishing every moment on this earth. For the good stuff is even sweeter if you’ve had to deal with the scary stuff life is made of.

I wrote this tonight because many have asked me repeatedly how I have been able to handle everything through this Leukemia/Bone marrow transplant infused portion of our life. Truth be told, many days I don’t! I do my very best to juggle everything while keeping a smile on my face, sharing a joke here and there, trying to keep my children smiling all while letting my wife know she is the very center of my universe. I vent a lot on friends and I believe in having faith! God looks over us all and challenges us daily, it is up to us as too whether or not we accept those challenges. There is always hope, and even though the scary stuff is a reality in my life, my way of never letting it win is by writing about the fear so others who read this know its ok to feel everything I just described. If you take time in recognizing your flaws, sharing your pain and understanding there is always a better day ahead, the scary stuff doesn’t stand a chance. It may not be today or even tomorrow, but faith is there waiting to put the scary stuff we all feel and worry about right back under the bed where it belongs.




4 thoughts on “The scary stuff…

  1. A day at a time, one foot in front of the other……….that’s all we can do …..and pray hard. He has been listening to all the prayers for Jacy coming his way. He knows her loss would bring too much pain to bear.


  2. Writing offers another opportunity to leak out all the fear through your veins threaded to your finger tips. It is great therapy and helps us leave a lot of things we cannot control right on the screen–suspended but at least out of your soul. Keep writing and keep stepping one step at a time…forward. All our love and prayers for you, Jayci, and your childen, Debra Dingman and family.


  3. It feels nearly impossible to quiet the mind in times where we feel the most vulnerable and the least in control. Especially for those of us who are always analyzing/over thinking and also always want to be in control…..This is a feeling & a process I fully understand. It’s like a buzzing fluorescent lightbulb that never turns off, and it’s exhausting. I can only imagine the heightened sense of “loudness” you must be feeling in your head by this point. I personally found it very helpful to go see a therapist who gave me some meditative & thought-process tools to help me cope in different way. I still use the techniques to this day. I do find it cathartic to talk about things with trusted friends & family, but the tips I got were the extra something that I needed….food for thought 🙂
    As I continue to pray for you and Jacy, I’ll add another prayer for your mind to quiet down and give you peace. Eleanor is right, God has been listening and we all have faith that there are even brighter days ahead.
    Love to you both James 🙂 ~Nicole


  4. The nights are the hardest, I have found. One Tylenol PM helps me to turn the voices off. I also do most of my praying in the day as I found praying at night caused my mind to wander to many “what if’s”.
    I wish I had words to encourage, words to comfort, and words of any wisdom however, I don’t. All I can say is you are one heck of a strong man. A loving husband who is a perfect example of Christ’s love and of marriage vows so strong. You are a role model for those children. Not every day is perfectly done, there are mistakes and regrets, I’m sure. But Mr. James Franceschi you are amazing.
    The scary stuff is real. You have every right to be scared. You my friend turn to your faith and cling to it which inspires us to do the same. This I know helps those scary times.
    Hang in there dear man.
    Hugs, hugs, hugs,


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