The Face of Leukemia (December 6, 2013)



The joy, laughter and excitement of a young woman twirling, running and singing!

Yes that is the way I feel right at this very moment, for you see the woman I love has been given a bit of a reprieve! There are many unknowns in life but today we worked only on the “knowns” and the news was good, no great! News that our family needed to hear, and it was glorious!

So like a young woman in love, running across the Austrian hillsides, Betty is giddy with excitement! For you see this woman, this friend, partner and wife was told today by her doctor that she will live! She will live! SHE WILL LIVE!!!!!Unknown-4

Ok all funny drama aside, truth be told we went from a 5 year window two days ago to a 10 year window of survivability today! That ladies and gentlemen is huge! This specific strain of AML Jacy is carrying is the MOST treatable of all its ugly little counterparts.  No other abnormalities within those strains were detected either wich makes her chances for a longer happier life much more realistic. Tears of joy as my wife can now rest easy with the knowledge that barring any unforseen infections, relapses or just plain old crappy circumstances this woman, this mother of four will see all of her children grow up! For me personally that is exciting news to say the least. No one has spoken of remission yet but as strong as my wife is that is not out of the realm as far as I am concerned.

But through all the happiness, the baby steps towards recovery, the hard-fought singular battles.  There lies an undercurrent, a feeling for myself of  helplessness as I watch her slowly wither away (yes she is losing weight) unable to walk around the floor we are currently on without exhaustion. Suffering through boughts of diarrhea and nausea. She currently can’t eat because of sores in her mouth, a side effect of the chemotherapy. She doesn’t deserve to suffer like this, no one does, but especially my wife.  I want to carry this burden for her more than anything. Ease the struggle, take away the pain, remove worry and doubt. I want to do that for her, I need to do that for her and yet, there is no way for that to happen.

Her hair is finally starting to fall out and no matter how much I joke about it, or promise her she will remain the most amazingly beautiful woman I know, she is worried. Not for herself but for me, for her children. You see what she fears is it will scare the kids and I wont find her as attractive anymore. What she doesn’t understand, what I seem to have failed in all my attempts at communication throughout our marriage is; I see her from the inside out, I have always seen this amazing woman from the inside first. Now don’t get me wrong, my wife is incredibly beautiful on the outside as well!  But what makes her attractive, what makes those eyes shine so bright or her smile gleam under a mid day sun? It’s the radiance of her soul shining through.

So how do I convey to her that hair or no hair, skinny or fat, in shape or not, there is nothing that will ever change when I look deep into her eyes. The feeling I get while holding her hand, or the nervesnous still encasing me when she leans for a kiss? She needs to know, and I mean know that we will walk this path together, side by side and I will carry as much of the burden as humanly possible.  Fighting cancer is a WE thing, not a ME thing. No one fights alone, no one! And when that someone is the one you love, that trust, that honesty shared between you both from the moment you said “I do” throughout the years evolving and growing until this very moment, is exactly what the two of you use to lean on each other and make it through!

Thanks for letting me get that off my chest, that was little bi-polar moment huh? Happy then somber, well then lets get back to happy shall we? 

Now where was I? Oh yes, THE HILLS ARE ALIVE WITH THE SO- Oh to hell with it! We are KICKING CANCERS ASS!! YEAH!!!