My Words of Wisdom for the Day





Staring out upon my property this morning a wicked little smile crosses my face. For you see 3 years ago I stood in the very same spot, staring, wondering what to do, where to start or how I could possibly AFFORD to create something viable for our family from this plot of land we own. We asked for advice from “people in the know” and “industry specialists” all which were solely looking out for themselves.  We asked for advice from friends and family members and were inundated with wonderful suggestions as to how we should proceed. But my gut continually said no it wasnt right, (thank you honey for being patient with me) so we waited.  We were offered many different options financially to create and mold our place to look like other places we had seen on television and in magazines. But again procrastination ruled the day, we waited because a little voice in my head wouldn’t let it go, wouldn’t allow me to make a commitment and jump off that financial cliff.

Watching, learning, listening and helping some dear close friends who continually have created the same dream only to rebuild time after time due to unfortunate circumstances was my greatest advantage.  Their wisdom and experience helped shape our priorities and strengthen our resolve. It could be done, it would be done and when we finished, hopefully we wouldn’t owe the bank a dime, we wouldn’t have to worry about making ends meet and we could enjoy the daily fruits of our labor.  It’s taken hard work, the days are long and we have given up a lot of our free time once spent camping, boating, swimming, and fishing to other projects.  WE are nowhere near finished, but standing here today I can see what it will look like when its done.  Something I couldn’t have envisioned before.

There is no place I would rather be on this earth.  No place I would rather call home.  I am surrounded by people I can truly call; My friends!  I am surrounded by a crazy wacky family that drives me insane but I love them more than any words could explain. Now I am surrounded by more horses than I know what to do with, but that’s ok. Each one of them has a personality of their own, each one of them has good days and bad days, each one of them brings the same smile to their owners heart as they do my face.  They all feel like my own and I care about every one of them, they are treated them like family.

So where does all this gushing lead to when it comes to Wisdom?

With hard work comes great reward! If you want it bad enough it doesn’t happen RIGHT NOW, this instant, as so many of our generation believe! You are not entitled to a house, property, a business or even a pot to piss in! What you are entitled to (thanks to God) is the ability to wake up every morning, dust yourself off and MAKE SOMETHING HAPPEN!

Use your brain, sweat, work and extend the muscles the good lord gave you, if you can’t figure it out then ask, read, or take a class! But most of all remember life is hard, it takes hard work and DEDICATION to achieve your dreams. No one and I mean NO ONE is going to drop it in your lap.

Tomorrow if my whole world collapsed that would be fine, I would be sad, but it would still be ok. You know why?

Because the very next day I would get up, dust myself off, thank the good lord for the experience, write out a plan and do it all over again.

If you read these words and take them for bragging, patting myself on the back or gloating then you will never understand who I am as a person, my purpose, or this “wisdom” I have bestowed upon you because you obviously have heard it all before, you know everything and therefore my words have fallen upon def ears.   Just saying…

Carry on that is all…..