Betty’s Words of Wisdom for the Day

When opening the doughnut box on the counter at work one should not find a lone half eaten doughnut. To the person who is responsible for this travesty of pastry. You are a jerk! Just eat the damn thing and throw away the box, so the rest of us may go about our day without hope! Carry on that is all..

2 thoughts on “Betty’s Words of Wisdom for the Day

  1. Ugh. Were there teeth marks on the doughnut? Or did they cut it in half with a knife? The latter means their on a diet but indulged anyway. Cut them some slack. If it’s the former….you are right! Disgusting! Eat the darn thing and be done with it.


    1. Yes either way the tease remains the same. Opening the box after salivating at the sight of it leads to a let down of sugery proportions. Dont leave half, just throw the box away and remove all doubt.. 🙂


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