The High Road


He stands alone casting gaze upon the widening abyss. Cold, tired and isolated he feels a chill, not of weather setting in around him but for the emotion stirred within. A crooked smile lay’s limply upon his weathered wrinkled face; eyes gleaming from beneath his furrowed brow.

Fists have slowly unfurled, his jaw still aches from what feels to be a month of clenching. Pressure still rides down his back from bearing the weight of sadness, anger, betrayal, hatred and torment yet upright he stands, assured in his resolve.

The road up was scattered with multiple obstacles to climb and overcome. Feeling his patience wane, he struggled yet continued moving forward. Moments came where silence was more than he could bear, yet bear it he did for those who depended upon him to finish his travel. Sleepless nights prevailed; emotions of both undeniable hurt and astonishment at the desperation of spirits left him exhausted. He slipped a time or two but thanks to uplifting thoughts and prayers he never truly faltered. Because of this he knew making it to the top was the only option, even when doubt crept in telling him to stop.

So there he stands, alone casting gaze upon the widening abyss. Having taken the high road he feels immersed in the importance of true friendship, love and patience. Before turning upon heels, climbing back down, he pauses a moment to pray for those either unwanting or unwilling to reach the summit. Hoping someday they reconsider this decision, allowing them a second chance at making the climb and spiritual liberation. It’s a quiet moment of self reflection and hope.

Those who feed upon chaos will inevitably perish during their own frenzy.



2 thoughts on “The High Road

  1. I just love, love, love your style of writing. Having faced chaos over the weekend, I found this post appropriate to exactly what I myself have been feeling.


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