The Face of Leukemia- A day for surprises…




What does it mean to “touch” a life?

Everyday we walk this earth, worrying about our “in the moment” crises, complaining about our “bad” days, struggling to get ahead, feeling father and farther behind. But do you know what it feels like to actually touch someones life? To be that moment, that bright and shining star leaving someone wanting to see you again, yearning to feel the warmth your presence brings. Do you?

I believe everyone does. I believe every single person walking the face of this earth is just what I described to someone. Maybe to more than just one, but at least one person in your life feels that way when YOU walk through the door.

It becomes very easy to forget what our presence can mean to people in our lives. As I previously stated life itself does have a strange tendency to get in the way. But what if we could look outside ourselves for just a minute? Have the ability to look back upon our lives feeling the emotions within people surrounding us. Know in that moment of weakness leading us to complain about life, while feeling down upon ourselves that those moments are ok, but in reality are really nothing more than a  waste of our energy.  A waste of our precious time.  What if we could do that before we leave this earth? Before it is all recounted upon the lips of a friend or family member without us ever knowing?


Today I stood by while my wife was mobbed by students at her school. They looked like puppies held at bay as we rounded the corner onto a black top designed for play. These children lined up into perfect rows, facing their teachers. Until one noticed a look of surprise cast across another’s face, and as most inquisitive minds do, turned to see what caused such a shocked reaction.  It started slowly, a gasp, then murmurs of Ms.Jacy here, and another there, until they all were screaming it loudly! Ms. Jacy!!!!! MS. JACY!!!! Not knowing whether to run or stay in perfect formation the looked; “like puppies on a leash”. Until they could no longer contain themselves and all it took was one puppy to break free from the constraints of rules. They came fast and I saw a smile arise from my wife (Ms. Jacy) and emotions shared from these children that said to me; this is her moment. She now knows…

This was the moment as a human being you hopefully realize you mean more to the world than your little daily problems will allow you to believe. A moment when you stand back and let a wave of love overcome you. A moment that most people won’t realize until its to late.  Watching my wife smothered in love from both students and co-workers today left my heart aching with joy. At one point while speaking to some colleagues she began to cry at how much she missed them all, how much she loved her job, her classroom and what it meant to be a teacher at Dixon Montessori School, surrounded by colleagues who felt as she does towards these children.

She cried and I stood aside; normally I would have swooped her up, protected her, whisking her away, shielding her from emotional pain. But in this one moment, I just stood there, gulped down hard as to not look weak and let her friends, her co-workers surround her with love.  This was her moment of clarity and I prayed she was, for a second standing outside her body to see, just what she means to these kids, these parents, these friends.

We left after roughly 30 minutes or so, Ms. Jacy becoming increasingly exhausted. As we walked through the campus, several children grabbed at her sweater, looking for hugs, looking for a smile, looking to tell her they loved her, missed her and couldn’t wait until securedownload-9she returned to them, healthy and whole.

It was in fact the longest walk ever, back to the car.

Cancer sucks, cancer changes your life forever. Our lives together will forever travel a new and different path aligned with Leukemia but together will win this fight.

As you head into this holiday, who are you a shining light for, who waits to see you smile, what family member(s) want nothing more than to spend time with you? Who makes a difference in your life? Who can you not wait to see? What person(s) take up every moment of your thoughts because of the joy they bring into your life?

I beg of you, find out if you don’t know the answer to these questions. Dont waste time wondering, don’t wait until its to late to know.

Today witnessing the empathy and caring my wife has shared  with so many others, her passion for being a teacher and friend, that same love and emotion shared in return; just being a part of that experience with her, leaves me feeling very blessed.

Of course I already treasure the gifts she has brought into my life.  I know who the one person is that I yearn to see, that I long for, whom I cant wait to see walk through the door. The person who brings light into my life.

Just look at her smile, it says it all…..