The final curtain call

The singers have sung, the dancers have danced, the orchestra has bowed, arisen and stepped away. The curtain has fallen.

Life is filled with chapters, our stories yet to be fully written. In reality we are but a show, actors or animals upon a stage for all to see.

It seems to me that as we grow older and our lives become intertwined within the workings of this world we actually may live in seasons. Seasons hidden so very deep within these so call chapters of life.

And so life goes.

Winter came upon us, leaving waste to our landscape. Unlike days of old, thanks to technology and the advancement of care within our structured society we knew the storm was coming and had braced ourselves for quite some time, thereby lessening the brunt of its blustery arrival. Easing fears in regards to the trail of waste it may leave behind was indeed a luxury. Letting us, the recipients of such travesty decide whether to allow this storm to rage uncontrolled or hunker down and get through it. It allowed us the opportunity in preparing to stand tall and rebuild our lives or possibly hide in obscurity for as long as we needed if not forever.

The storm came, the storm passed and now the seasons have indeed changed.

I have written on this blog for 8 years. Starting with my very first posting in 2011. My how the writings have changed, the author has grown while expanding upon a gift that has been given and received. To look back upon what started as a place to express my feelings as a father, husband and friend, to chronicling my wife, her sickness and ultimate demise. To share with anyone who chose to read it a sense of humor about life that some welcomed with open minds while others wondered what the hell I was thinking as they scratched their noggins. Yes also mastering the ability to arise emotions from even the hardest of readers was also a plus truth be told.  It really has been an amazing journey. A perfect documentation for my family to look upon long after I have left this earth.

But like most things, it must come to an end.

I have chosen to stand upon my own two feet, to move forward with my life, to live and yes I have even chosen to love again in finding a heart that met mine, a mind that challenges my thought process, a strength that holds me up when I am feeling bombarded or down and a knowledge that family comes first. We should all be so lucky! It is what life is about contrary to some popular belief.

Life should never be lived cowering under the shadows of others, the expectations created by those who have never walked in your shoes, but merely watched from a distance, judging only to fade away when the time was right. You only have one life, therefor only surround yourself with those who want nothing but the best and expect nothing in return. The kind of people who are positive and caring, for every day should be greeted with a smile, a deep breath and the knowledge that this is the one and only life you have therefore you should take it by the horns and ride it for all it is worth because your tomorrow may never come. I have seen it too many times where one loved one kisses another and like that, in the blink of an eye, they are never to be seen or heard from again. The grim reaper leaving its calling card, blackening their hearts, destroying their lives. Something I have sworn to never allow happen to myself.

Part of this season changing, part of a new crop (my life) growing comes from tilling the earth. Turning under empty soil in search of the rich nutrients I need to flourish. Which for me means it is time for this blog to end.

I have tried time and again to write the last couple of months. Nothing flows, nothing feels right and as I write this now I feel a giant weight being lifted from my shoulders. I must put this in the past, let go of all the negativity and allow the seasons to change thus creating a new chapter for my life.

Thank you to everyone and anyone who took a moment out of their lives to read this little blog. It has been a mental pleasure and a mind game of the highest proportions! It has been some of the best parts of my life and some of the very worst.

But it is time to go.

I will start a new blog eventually. I am not sure exactly what or how but I do know my need to write is strong. When it happens I will post it here for anyone who is interested in following along. The writing style will remain the same, the stories will be changed to protect the innocent!! Ha, Ha!!

So with that Betty bids you all a fair adieu.

She has said all she needs to say and as she lays down her proverbial pen, closing her laptop for the very last time she reminds you all to always have faith.

Goodnight, good luck and farewell…

8 thoughts on “The final curtain call

  1. So long Betty, and thanks for allowing us to join you on your journey. Praying for continued strength for the road ahead.


  2. I wish you the Best of everything life has to offer. I’ll miss your blog but look forward to the next one. ❤️

    Sent from my iPhone



  3. Sad to see you go Betty, but understood and agree! I will miss the words of knowledge that come from your blog. I saw myself with some of the same struggles you dealt with (although not exactly the same) and wrote about….tried a few of your positive changes (driving on highway without speeding or cursing at anyone-back at it the next day!). You are a wealth of knowledge and life experience with a twist of humor and brutal honesty. Proud to say “I knew you when..”. Good luck on your journey.


  4. Good bye, good luck and thank you. I have been moved to tears, laughed out loud, and reflection on my own life and situations many times after reading your blog of life. I haven’t met you in person, I have fed you and I have uttered your name numerous times in prayer and I have read nearly every entry for a couple of years, therefore I feel a “friend” in you.
    Some day our paths will cross they are destined to, I know many you know. When the time is right, God will put us in the same place and you can expect a big hug probably a tear or two from me as I am blessed to “know” you and oh I have felt you through Betty.
    I wish you joy! I wish you love! I wish you continued faith and I wish you a life to embrace as God has intended.
    Until we meet face to face, goodbye. Hugs Debbie


  5. I have so eagerly awaited each of your posts, sometimes even dreaded reading them, but never the less, could not wait to see the notification in my email that Betty has again written. You inspired me to write with your eloquent prose, you have inspired me to be better man, father and husband, you have made me laugh out loud and sob deeply. You have a gift, and I look forward to hopefully seeing that gift again someday, when the time is right. Until then, I bid you a fond farewell Betty, and may the horses always lope smoothly for you!


  6. James, I want to say thank you for your words the last few years. I have learned so much from you, and I know you have helped more people than you can imagine. We don’t know each other well, but I want you to know that your are in my heart. I’m glad you are in a good place, and I wish you peace and happiness and strength in the journey forward, my friend. Julie Skaug


  7. Thank you so very much for this post. It was especially encouraging in that I had a similar life experience with my dearest friend who I lived with dying last October and cancer was a 14 year battle for her…a battle that involved five different cancers…a ride that I took with her as she battled through chemo, radiation, surgery, blood transfusions and more. She kept her chin up and held on to a positive attitude and did everything the doctors asked of her. However the cancer didn’t get the last word in…a fall on our driveway that led to a fatal brain bleed did. The doctors gave her six months or less to live.She died in a hospice care home in her sleep just three days short of the six month prediction.. It has been a huge struggle to go on, but I know I will get through it. It’s just going to take time and commitment on my part to work toward the goal. Your post inspired me. Thank you.. .


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