In it to win it!

In it to win it


you’ve got to be in it to win it

  1. In order to win, or succeed at something, one must first compete or try.


It is 11:30 am and doc is making his rounds. Strolling onto E wing our paths cross and we have a “short but sweet” conversation in regards to Jacy’s care. Also the topic of his monthly rotation arises as he is rotating off Jacy’s care leaving his vacancy filled by the next in line. I really like this doctor although in reality my feelings have been very strong towards all 5 doctors caring for my wife over the last several months. Each one brings with them a new unique perspective and none have ever given a hint of egotism or pompous air as I have experienced in other health care settings. But this doctor in particular; well as the spouse of a patient I have felt a connection. Whether it be I just understand him better, or appreciate his no bullshit approach with me, I am sad to see him move on to another most deserving candidate.

Strolling into the room “doc” is surrounded by other staff members including our nurse (who is awesome!!) and begins discussing where we are, where Jacy is headed and then of course his plan of action for treatment. It really is a lot of the same. A wait and see approach as her body continues to find it’s balance between what her new white cells consider good vs evil. This of course is the hardest part for my wife as it leaves her with no set in stone go home date. I liken it to loading up the ship, pushing from the docks, heading out into a vast ocean without ever plotting a course. Left to time, tide, wind and wave, one hopes each morning when they awake land will be on the horizon.

Her steroids have been lowered again, she remains on antibiotics as her lungs continue to battle a nasty virus and her diet has been increased from clear liquids to GvHD1 which means some very bland, light solid foods. It is time to give her gastrointestinal tract another chance to perform without bleeding. Her need for blood has decreased although she is still receiving daily platelets and her skin is slowly starting to clear up. Her bladder remains the same, bleeding with occasional clots. This will be the very last treatment option posed as we continue praying her bladder heals itself. Ms. Jacy does has a little something she hasn’t seen in months. Hair. That’s right a light covering of hair has sprouted from her head! It is not much but it is a start.

After a lengthy discussion about her future, doc smiles and asks if she has any comments, questions or concerns to which my wife slowly strokes her scalp and through a gravelly voice replies; hey I am in it to win it!

This really should be her main motto, what she lives by on a daily basis. For as long as I’ve known her she has been; in it to win it. Whether it’s sports, coaching, teaching, exercising, competing, friendships or even falling for one really dysfunctional man. Jacy Franceschi has always been, in it to win it. There is a no quit attitude and some days more than others it astounds me. She has her moments, her doubts, becomes scared and frustrated just like anyone would, as most people should in this situation. But one look at her kids, pictures of her friends, her family, her house, the ranch and those feelings step aside allowing her true grit to appear. Of course a steady dose of Ativan doesn’t hurt either.

Jacy is the only person I know who in five minutes can make friends with a complete stranger, let alone have the love and admiration of so many people who continue to root for her on a daily basis. Walking around yesterday I realized she is the “Norm” (from the old T.V. show Cheers) of E wing. Everywhere we walk all you hear is; Jacy! Now if we could just get her to learn some one liners like Norm used to have after he walked through the door she would have it made.


Nurse: looking good Ms. Jacy how’s another lap around the quad sound?

Jacy: Like this; can’t catch my breath (pretend heavy breathing) can’t catch my breath!

Nurse: you’re looking very pretty today Ms. Jacy

Jacy: Hari Krishna is a difficult look to pull off but I think I nailed it!

Nurse: how you feeling today Ms. Jacy

Jacy: Like a bear just out of hibernation; Hungry and looking for food!

Ok I don’t have a future as a sitcom writer but you get the point.

So we remain for the most part, status quo. The news isn’t overly good, but it also isn’t overly bad. In reality if this week goes well, hopefully some positive changes are on the horizon! It is all we can ask for! So as your week goes forward and little struggles arise just remember this.

No matter the challenges in life, we should wake up each day, put our feet on the ground, be thankful for all that we have and walk out the door ready. Why? Because every day we should be “In it to win it”!

Just ask Ms. Jacy…








4 thoughts on “In it to win it!

  1. Such a great post!! Thank you for sharing it. I love the “In it to win it” attitude! I live with someone going through a huge struggle and that’s her attitude too. She’s had four bouts with cancer over the last 11 years. She ‘s currently battling MDS….recent course of action includes blood transfusions, platelets, chemo 5 days a week every 28 days, low energy and a number of other serious health issues…but she definitely has that “in it to win it” goal daily. Her oncologist is a real “winner”! The oncology nurses are absolutely the very best with inspiration, smiles and great care. Our thoughts and prayers are with Jacy, you and your family daily. Susan Joyce


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