Two steps forward, one step back!

As soon as we begin feeling positive; BAM!!!! Slapped in the face again! It’s a funny little dance the human body does when bombarded with multiple medicines, platelets, fluids and of course a great helping of brand new white cells that want nothing to do with all of those things combined! This of course also makes it difficult for these cells to thrive within their new host! I imagine this dance within her body looks something like the jitterbug only with a twist of slam dancing punk rock style! Yep, yesterday I thought we had crested this mountain and were on a cool ride downhill towards the finish line! I was wrong….

So what is up you ask?

It appears our girl has developed an infection in her spinal fluid. Yesterday she wasn’t feeling well, began acting confused and wasn’t answering questions appropriately. Doctors put her on a blanket antibiotic as a precaution while they investigated. Today she spiked a fever (102) and complained of head and neck pain with her pain being a ten out of ten! Needless to say Jacy feels as though this is a gigantic set back. 

After meeting with the Doctor a few minutes ago, we won’t know for sure what she has contracted until cultures come back in 48 to 96 hours, but the educated guess leans towards  possible spinal Meningitis. 

As we speak Jacy is passed out from Benedryl and hooked up to 7 bags of fluids. She is receiving platelets, antibiotics, fluids, potassium, a cocktail of vitamins, and pain medications. Hmm makes you wonder if there is actually any blood left huh?

According to her doctor this is merely a bump in the road, another small set back on a journey with seemingly endless break downs and flat tires! But try telling our girl that! It has been a long grueling 93 days here at Stanford! Thank goodness for such excellent care! 

We will eventually arrive at our destination, (home) and as we start back up this hill again we will continue carrying everyone’s prayers with us. They do lift us up and keep us strong! 

I suppose sometimes when you think you’ve reached the top it is only a plateau, a respit for a continuing journey. A good reminder that sometimes we are not in control of our outcome or destination but to have faith it will all work out in the end. 


4 thoughts on “Two steps forward, one step back!

  1. I’m saddened to read this today. Do all you can to BELIEVE that God is in control. Prayers continue for your precious bride and for your strength. One step at a time, minute by minute keep positive the best you can. Hugs, Debbie


  2. I am so sorry. My prayers for Jacy, you and your family are doubling. Please Dear Lord, give Jacy the gift of recovery, health, and a return to her home. Please be with her caregivers, provide leadership as the Great Physician that you are. I pray this in Thy Holy name, Amen


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