Graduation Day

Today is a day of celebration. Many parents are hailing the end of another school year while others are swollen with pride in regards to their graduating seniors. Last year at this time I was one of those parents. A year has come and gone so fast, life goes on for not only you as a parent but even more so for you child chomping at the bit to be a free young adult. Talk turns to college, when they leave, what major are they studying, are they excited to move forward living and learning on their own? It is a wonderful time for all. To that I say cherish today, every second! It really is a gift from God. Cherish the eye rolls, the hugs, the smiles, and silly photographs! Cherish the fact your child made it. Cover them in love, remind them how much you love them, and over the next month before they pack up their rooms to move on with their lives tell them you love them again! Then remind yourself it will all be ok when they are gone. You know why? Because they come home just a little more grown up, a little wiser, a little more thankful for all you provided, but most of all. They will come home, because there is no love like that of a family.
Attached is the my blog from last year. Oh what difference a year makes. Love to you all… Betty..

They call me Betty

This week has come and gone, a moment in time a memory for recollection. 13 years of life, tied so closely with friends, teachers, sleep overs, field trips, sporting events and many peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I cant believe this day arrived so soon and left in such haste. Your school life started out simple enough; tears of separation, happiness upon returning home from a half day of school. Full days and mounds of homework, new friends, old friends, friends who moved, sadness and joy. Skinned knees, new bikes, scooters, baseball, the park. Swim meets, wrestling, cross-country events, awards, disappointment, contentment and successes.

Days where I felt we were losing you, days were we knew it was all going to be alright and days of unbridled pride watching you do what you do. Time spent, heart-broken, filled with sadness as reprimanding you or having to raise my voice while…

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