Its almost Haitian time!

It’s almost Haitian time

Five hours down and six hours to go before Haitian time will encompass our souls.  What is Haitian time you ask? Haitian time is the very moment our little naive vision of the world stands still.  In Haiti everything works on Haitian time (uh duh, you are in Haiti). The people of Haiti all look as though they are going somewhere in a hurry, everyone looks as though they have a purpose, yet it’s all a ruse.  For you see on Haitian time it’s all about the experience, it all about working at a comfortable pace, it’s all about getting the job done, but not too fast, and not to slow.  Haitian time means starting when the sun comes up and finishing around three when the sun reaches its peak and it is a hundred degrees outside with 80% humidity.  Haitian time means no worries it will happen when it happens.

I am looking forward to Haitian time.  As Americans we focus on the hustle, we spin our wheels constantly searching for any and all information we can shove into our over scheduled lives. Instant gratification is the cornerstone of our existence.  Our phones talk to us, our cars drive for us, and we have instant television on any and all devices in our procession.  You texted me, a response is instant, send me an e-mail and I am expected to respond as soon as possible, you actually take the time to place a phone call and gosh darn it, that call had better not go to voice mail because I know you carry that phone 24/7 and you are probably on Facebook right now!

Haitian time- the moment our lives slow down.  The moment we turn off our devices (to save power since there is no electricity) and return, if just for a little while to being people.  Talking, laughing, caring, inter-acting with one another with no expectations.

Yeah, Haitian time.

Alright my phone just beeped at me and my laptop just flashed a load of e-mails, I have to go….


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