Procrastination-To procrastinate


transitive verb
: to put off intentionally and habitually
intransitive verb
: to put off intentionally the doing of something that should be done

My name is Betty and I am a staunch procrastinator! This is who I am.  Its sad but true.  Understanding the habit does not make it any better.  The cure seems to elude me.  I procrastinate on a daily basis.

Example; right now I should be working on a closet that is halfway dismantled yet here I sit writing about procrastinating. Which is of the higher priority? (not a test question so answer as you see fit)

Three times in the last three years I have obtained information that would have reunited me with someone special in my life, I being consistent in my behavioral patterns, procrastinated and now they are gone.  Leaving me to forever wonder what would have been, what could have been and what will never become of those relationships.  Only God knows the answer now.

My children have genetically obtained the procrastination gene and I watch with shameful pity as they struggle, wondering why they can’t seem to finish items of priority in a timely manner. They too will carry this sickness onto their children and the circle of life will continue..

So through this little pity party I am throwing, I say this; learn from my mistakes. Don’t procrastinate! You have one life, time is of the essence, don’t waste those moments when a difference can be made and most of all; prioritize then set out to finish your goals.

Have a wonderful day everyone, I hear a closet calling me!

I wonder whats happening on Facebook? No the closet is calling I have to go!!