Baby its cold outside, looks like a nice night for a hostage……
Love this blog, I have joked about this very song for years, glad someone finally had the guts to not only post it, but re-write correctly! Thank you “I miss you when I blink” I am in your sarcastic debt…

I Miss You When I Blink

Let’s start things off today with a musical number. It’s a duet. You’ll know it when you hear it…

(“Baby, It’s Cold Outside,” originally written by Frank Loesser. I like this version.)

So, the girl in this song has lines like these:

“I’ve got to go away.”
“Say, what’s in this drink?”
“The answer is no.”
“No, no, no, sir.”

And the guy has lines like these:

“Baby, don’t hold out.”
“Mind if I move in closer?”
“No cabs to be had out there.”
“Look out the window at that storm.”

After he pours her the funny-tasting drink and tells her she’ll never get away in all that snow, he tells her it sure would be a shame if she “caught pneumonia and died” from trying to leave. Ah, romance. Nothing like a classic holiday ditty about holding your date hostage. (Seriously, it sort of sounds like she

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